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Our Speakers Have Been Seen On

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

What's New in Autism Recovery

Stephanie Seneff, PhD

Glyphosate and Autism: Connecting the Dots

Christopher Shade, PhD

Glutathione System Optimization for Detoxification and Immune Balance

Kerri Rivera, DHom

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism and Beyond

Jeanette (and Nickolas) Fransen

5 Things You Need to Know to Help Your Child Recover

Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Mending Autism - An Overview

April Choulat

Healing Autism from the Inside Out

Mary Coyle, DiHom

Homotoxicology and Autism Rehabilitation

Martha Herbert, PhD

Autism, EMF & Recovery

Doc Rob Streisfeld

The Role of the EndoCannabinoid System & Cannabinoids Linked to Gut Health

Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez

Advanced Stem Cell Therapy for Autism

Robert Scott Bell

Restoring Gut Integrity After Medical Treatment-Induced Enterocolitis

Amy Hull Brown

Diet Options for Autism Recovery

Neill Moroney

Detoxing Beyond Barriers

Svetlana Masgutova

MNRI®: The Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration to Promote Learning and Neurodevelopment

Scott Forsgren

Recovering from Lyme Disease, a Potential Factor in Autism

Robert Harrison

Causes & Healing of Autism

Paul Barattiero

Autism: Causes, Solutions & H2 Science

Michael Larsen

The Role of Fermented Foods in Autism Recovery

Dr. Roy Dittman

Preventing Autism During the Perinatal Period

Moms Panel

Everyday Moms Share What's Worked for Them

Maureen Brice Bordelon

Terra Smith

Kim Stagliano

Gloria Giudici

Kate Wilesmith

Sandie Benitez

Your Host

Luminara Serdar

NeuroModulation Technique in Autism Recovery

Luminara Serdar, BS, MBA, CPN, NMT is a nutritionist and holistic healer who helps recover kids from autism using many strategies, including NeuroModulation Technique. She spent nearly 20 years in the biotech industry as a molecular biologist, product manager and consultant, and was involved with the human genome sequencing project.

Her allergies were eliminated in two sessions using NeuroModulation Technique. She was so impressed that she learned the technique and now uses it, along with nutrition and her intimate knowledge of body biochemistry, to help heal children on the autism spectrum. She’s been eliminating allergies and correcting mind-body dysfunction since 2006.

She works with clients throughout the world helping kids restore their inner world so they can more effectively interact with their outer world.

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We value your privacy and would never spam you

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