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Learn about the latest research, science, strategies, and methods for healing and recovery from experts with vast experience with autism. You'll find something new to explore, apply and celebrate.

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Interview Package Upgrade

Own the Autism Recovery Summit 3 Interviews (videos and audios). If you’re like me, you’ll want to go back through these interviews to extract every bit of wisdom from them. Wouldn’t it be great to take this to your next health care provider visit? Or share with your community? Give yourself the gift to take your time to really listen, digest and make decisions from all there is to learn from these powerful autism recovery experts.

When you upgrade, you receive Luminara’s Bonus Package Upgrade:

  • Downloadable MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings of all the interviews so you can listen and watch at your own convenience (whether you missed a certain speaker or know you’ll want to access a specific topic at a later date). ($197 VALUE)
  • Group Healing Session for Kids on the Spectrum - Distance healing session using NeuroModulation Technique, done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Discover how when many participate, the effect is magnified to achieve amazing results! ($275 VALUE)
  • 50-min Next Steps Discovery Session - A one-on-one time with Luminara to ask specific questions and receive practical steps and guidance about your child’s next step in healing. [First 20 people only.] ($200 VALUE)
  • Group Q&A with Luminara - Ask questions about your child; everyone on the call benefits. ($47 VALUE)
  • Free 15-minute consult with Terra Smith - Autism warrior mom, on how essential oils can help your child, including behaviors, gut health, immune health, and non-toxic living! ($25 VALUE)
  • “Top 10 Starter Steps for Parents” by Mauren Brice - Where to start if you’re new to the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder ($25 VALUE)
  • Free Craniosacral video from Karen Thomas - author of the book and founder of the program, Naturally Recovering Autism ($100 VALUE)
  • Feeding Your Autistic Child: Pantry Clean-Out and Ingredient Swap Charts by GAPS chef Monica Corrado - Two easy charts to help you clean out your pantry of the foods that will harm, and replace them with ingredients that will heal! Along with WHY do it! ($40 value)
  • Optimal Sensory Processing & Learning Mini-Course with Neurodevelopmental Movement - Relief from sensory issues is possible with innate neurodevelopmental movements! ($39 value)

TOTAL VALUE  $1,100+

Only $197

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