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Autism Transformed

This is my own - Luminara's - business. Of course I am sponsoring my own summit!

I've been an autism recovery specialist for almost a decade, have helped hundreds of children through my clinical practice, consultations and summits. I'm committed to and passionate about kids' health, getting to the root of autism spectrum symptoms, and helping kids  - and parents - feel better.

Microbiome Labs

I love Microbiome Labs, with their highly researched and effective probiotics - Megaspore. And, they provide other gut healing tools, like prebiotics, gut mucosa and digestion support, and much more!

They have the first gut microbe analysis test that I believe tells you the real story of your gut. It gives you a picture of your flora, diversity, types of species and amounts. How healthy is your child's (and your) gut? Contact me to take the BiomeFX text and understand your gut flora.

Microbe Formulas

I've finally found a supplement company that matches my philosophy - a wholistic look at the person, getting to the root cause, and solving the issues within the body!

These supplements are effective at removing what is blocking body processes - quickly, efficiently - and allow the body to do what it should have been doing all along - thrive! These work so well, that after a short time, I didn't need most of my other vitamins and supplements I'd been taking for months and years.


I love that these products contain herbs, mushrooms and chlorella (blue-green algae) that nature put on this earth to use for healing. Formulas are put together thoughtfully to nourish the organs, endocrine system and whole body.

Many moms told me about Bioray before I started using and recommending them. They work!

AMD - A Major Difference

When I went to conferences and the moms and doctors are all talking about how the Ion Cleanse foot bath has helped their child, I couldn't turn my back.

Study after study shows the efficacy of this device for improving symptoms of autism. And children bring their parents the device to show they want to use it - because it makes them feel so much better.

Spectrum Awakening

Supplements custom formulated for the special needs of those with autism! Dr. Jared Skowron saw the need because what he wanted just wasn't out there.

These help with anxiety, tempers, sleep and more. I've heard from so many happy moms who use these!

Sophia Nutrition

Not only is Sophia Health dedicated to helping the most compromised individuals, but Sophia Nutrition has a highly researched and very effective toxin-draining cream for the lymph of the neck - Sophia Flow Cream.

They provide many products for drainage, detox and pathogen elimination, as well as supplements to nourish the body.


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