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Thank you for joining our tribe of parents who want answers, action, choices, hope and true healing! We deliver steps for true healing and full expression of who your child really is!

Explore the latest research, science, strategies, and methods for healing and recovery from experts with vast experience with autism. You'll discover ever more hope and something new to explore, apply and celebrate.

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Interview Package Upgrade

Own the Autism Recovery Summit 4 Interviews (videos and audios). If you’re like me, you’ll want to go back through these interviews to extract every bit of wisdom from them. Wouldn’t it be great to take this to your next health care provider visit? Or share tips you’ve learned with your community? Give yourself the gift to take your time to really listen, digest and make decisions from all there is to learn from these powerful autism recovery and health experts.

When you upgrade, you receive Luminara’s Bonus Package Upgrade:

Downloadable MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings of all the interviews so you can listen and watch at your own convenience (whether you missed a certain speaker or know you’ll want to access a specific topic at a later date). ($197 VALUE)

Group Q&A with Luminara - on Friday, June 19 at 11am PT, [will be done via Zoom video] Ask questions about your child; everyone on the call benefits. ($100 value)

50-min Next Steps Discovery Consultation with Luminara - One-on-one time with Luminara to ask specific questions and receive practical steps and guidance about your child’s next step in healing.

*Please note that all consults have been booked. But please enjoy all the other great bonuses

Group Healing Session for ALL kids - on Saturday, June 20 @ 10am PT, [will be done via Zoom video] – Distance healing session using NeuroModulation Technique, done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Discover how, when many participate, the effect is magnified to achieve amazing results! ($275 VALUE)

3 Calming Techniques - Simple, calming actions to help your child get out of fight or flight mode ($50 value)

Lymph Massage Video and Written Guide - Help get your child’s lymphatic system moving and drain toxins from the brain! ($50 value)

Calming Kids Meditation - Play a sweet and calm-inducing story-meditation to help during these turbulent times. ($50 value)

Summit Interviews 2018 - all of the interviews (Downloadable MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings) from the Autism Recovery Summit 3: Potential, Performance & Possibility. ($197 value)

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Guided Grounding Meditation for relieving anxiety in turbulent times

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Calm Hug Movement video showing how to immediately calm your child's nervous system

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